Speech and Language Challenges: The Ultimate Teen Guide

www.rowman.com/ISBN/9780810887916 in Hard Cover and eBook           preteens, teens and young adults

This book addresses the hopes and fears or anyone who speaks in public.  It discusses various speech issues that affect all people, but specifically focuses on the concerns of teens, many who talk about their experiences in the book. Content covers not just the causes of each challenge, but how to cope with them. Chapters in this book offer insights into:

  • Stuttering and Other Fluency Challenges
  • Speech Sound Disorders
  • Voice Disorders
  • Language Disorders
  • Brain Injury and Communication
  • English as a New or Different Language
  • Communicating better with friends, family, and in school and at work
  • Tips for speaking in public--before audiences, in front of class, or in a job interview

                                                                                                                    Picture Girl

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Margaret Knight: Girl Inventor

www.amazon.com/Margaret-Knight-Marlene-Targ-Brill        K-3       paperback

Margaret's back in print! Check out this special edition of a story that was a CBC/NCSS Notable Social Studies Trade Book for Young People. The book is about a young girl who worked in a nineteenth-century textile mill and invented a safety device that saved lives. A great STEM choice!

"The book is a fascinating story in picture-book format. . . .Brill's engaging text presents Knight's life as a story that focuses on the inventor's individuality and determination. An introduction and afterword provide details about child labor and Knight's career."

Connie Fletcher


The Underground Railroad Adventure of Allen Jay: Antislavery Activist

lernerbooks.com            Gr. 2-6        in paperback, eBook, library binding

Allen Jay and the Underground Railroad is now in graphic novel format!  What fun to read the exciting story of how Allen helped a runaway slave to safety along the Underground Railroad in a comic book format. 



Johnstown Flood

www.capstonepub.com       Gr. 3-6

In May 1889, disaster struck the town of Johnstown, Pennsylvania. A dam burst following heavy rains, and Johnstown lay in the path of a gushing wall of water. Flood water swept over the town, drowning homes, businesses, and worst of all, its people. Could anyone survive such a devastating disaster?

Decades of the Twentieth Century in America series:

America in the 1900s

America in the 1910s

America in the 1970s

America in the 1980s

America in the 1990s

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Each book details the most important social, political, economic, technological, and cultural events in the United States during the particular decade. With plenty of photos, quotes, and highlighted biographies and events, these books are just plain fun to read while painting a thorough picture of the times.

Fun Activities:
- Review two books from this series. Compare popular fashion, music, and arts of the two decades with what's going on today. Create a chart of your findings.

- Read about your favorite decade. Imagine what your life would be like if you lived then. Write a story about your life in that decade.

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