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Marshall "Major" Taylor: World Champion Bicyclist, 1899-1901

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National Council of Social Studies/Children's Book Council    Notable Trade Book

Society of Midland Authors      Children's Nonfiction Honoree

"Brill's accessible, personable prose vividly relates Taylor's experineces, from the childhood trick-cycling gig that earned him his nickname, Major . . . to his later triumphs as the first black world cycling champion. . . . This inspiring life story will engage children, whether or not they are cycling enthusiasts."



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Bronco Charlie and the Pony Express (also in Spanish)

lernerbooks.com   Gr. 1-4

This historical fiction tale tells of the true story of how Bronco Charlie Miller came to ride for the Pony Express and become its youngest mail carrier.

"Beginning readers will be fascinated with the tale of this 11-year-old who fearlessly carried the mail through the mountains and forests, in the rain and in the darkness . . . . the book is an exciting bit of history that is fun to read."

  School and Library Journal

IRA/CBC Children's Choice

Beverly Cleary Children's Choice finalist

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Tooth Tales from around the World

Charlesbridge Publishing   K-3

The only nonfiction history of the tooth fairy and other tooth traditions. Mothers eating ground up baby teeth. A tooth mouse. Lots of unusual and fun traditions from around the world in this book.

Get out a map of the world when you read this story.

IRA/CBC Children's Choice

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Diary of a Drummer Boy

Millbrook Press/Lerner Books   Gr. 4-6

The true story of Orion Howe and how he received the Congressional Medal of Honor for his bravery at the Battle of Vicksburg during the Civil War. Find details in Orion's diary that tell what life was like to drum messages for the army in the late 1860s.

National Council for Social Studies/Children's Book Council
Notable Social Studies Trade book for Young People.

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Veteran's Day (also in Spanish)

amazon.com   Gr. 1-4

Activities, timeline, web sites, and more about this special holiday that Americans celebrate every November 11th to honor our soldiers.

This book explains how Veteran's Day began and suggests ways to celebrate.

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Extraordinary Young People

amazon.com or contact author   Gr. 6+

Fifty biographies about kids who did amazing things when they were young. The collection includes young math whizzes, civil rights heroes, warriors, artists, sports figures, and authors. Pick your favorite. Decide which one accomplished feats similar to what you can do.

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Allen Jay and the Underground Railroad

Carolrhoda Books   Gr. 1-4

True story of a boy who braved a scary dark forest with a stranger to take the runaway slave to the next station along the Underground Railroad, the secret path to safety and freedom. Think about times you've been scared but bravely continued to finish what you started.

Society of Children's Librarians International Best Book

Sports Success series:

 Gr. 4-8

Winning Women in Baseball and Softball amazon.com or contact author

Winning Women in Ice Hockey amazon.com or contact author

Winning Women in Soccer amazon.com or contact author

Winning Women in Basketball amazon.com or contact author

Who says girls can't play sports with the same grit and determination as boys? Each book in this series contains a history of women in the sport, tips on how to play better, and four biographies of women who made significant contributions to the sport.

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Let Women Vote!

amazon.com or contact author   Gr. 4-8

Did you know there was a time in this country when no woman could vote? Meet the courageous women, and men, who battled lawmakers, religious leaders, and a public who thought women were second-class citizens to pass the nineteenth amendment to the constitution that gave women the right to vote.

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Women for Peace

amazon.com or contact author   YA

Plenty of books talk about brave soldiers and war. Few tell stories of the braver people who fight for peace. This book highlights the many female voices through the ages that have called for different ways of settling arguments among nations besides war.

Margaret Knight: Girl Inventor

amazon.com   K-3

"This inspiring true story of a girl who worked in a nineteenth-century textile mill and invented a critical safety device will be a good resource for social studies classes" and is "a fascinating story in picture book format."

— School and Library Journal

Concrete Mixers

"Sure to be popular with young construction fans."

— The Horn Book Guide

Lerner Books


Garbage Trucks

Did you know that garbage trucks can pick up garbage from 400-500 houses before they are full? Find out more fun garbage facts in this truck book.


Lerner Books



"Children will come away with a good idea of what each job entails as well as how community helpers can help them."

— Booklist

Journey for Peace: The Story of Rigoberta Menchu

Dutton Juvenile/available from author and amazon.com   Gr. 4-6

Biography of the 1992 Nobel Peace Prize winner from Guatemala.

"Brill's book scores high marks for gender and racial equality, peace studies, and class reports. The author's skillful expository writing will please reluctant readers."

— School and Library Journal

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